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Photo Credit: BenNet Convention Santa Monica, CA – 2022; Loverboy – Kyle Cooke; Jivati – DevRaj Patel; Celsius – John Fieldly

Investor Newsletter 2023
Investment Opportunity

Welcome, valued investors to an exciting new phase in Jivati’s journey. Today, we unveil

our upcoming funding round, poised to propel us toward our ambitious goals. With limited

resources, we achieved remarkable milestones in our previous round: formulation,

production runs, retail placements, influencer campaigns, distribution channels, social

event sponsorship, and an e-commerce website. As we aim to scale up and expand,

additional funding is essential.

In the current round, the investment level is set at $4M. We offer existing and new investors an exclusive discount of 13% – 20% on

SAFEnotes, ensuring a favorable deal. This is your chance to play a vital role in our future


Your support will empower us to expand, innovate, and solidify our position as a

frontrunner in the Beverage Industry, with a focus on the Indian Community. Together, let’s

shape the future of the industry and redefine what’s possible for Jivati and our community.

Join us on this extraordinary journey.r

Our Current Status

Our business presents an exceptional opportunity for accelerated growth, driven by our

unique branding and strategic product positioning in a saturated market. Our expanding

product roadmap, fueled by high customer satisfaction, sets the stage for further success.

Notably, renowned establishments, including restaurants, bars, sports teams, Indian

functions, and influencers, seek to collaborate with our brand, highlighting its desirability.

With a strong foothold in the beverage market, particularly in the thriving Indian submarket,

we consistently outperform our competition.

New Market Expansion:

We are excited to announce the imminent completion of our distribution network in Texas

and New York by the end of Q3 2023, presenting a significant growth opportunity for us to

reach our Indian community on a larger scale. This strategic expansion will enable us to

efficiently deliver our exceptional product, meeting the increasing demand and

strengthening our bond with our valued customers. By forging stronger connections and

enhancing our presence in these key regions, we are laying the foundation for accelerated

growth and seamless accessibility as we strive to provide an exceptional experience for

our cherished Indian community.

In addition to our existing product offerings, we are thrilled to announce the upcoming

launch of our apparel line. The primary objective of this strategic move is to increase

brand lifestyle awareness and stimulate revenue growth. By enhancing our brand lifestyle

and aligning it seamlessly with our current beverage sales, we will reinforce our brand

image and establish a significant presence in the industry.

Online E-commerce:

We partnered with a retailer to help us broaden our online sales presence in 43 states.

While we currently distribute from California and are nearing the completion of our

distribution setup in Texas and New York. This expansion will enable us to significantly

reduce online delivery times to 2 days or less.

We are also excited to inform you that our website will soon undergo an update,

introducing subscription-based packages. This new feature aims to provide continuous

satisfaction to our customers while generating ongoing revenue for our business. With

personalized offerings and exclusive perks, these packages will enhance the customer

experience and strengthen our connection with our loyal community.

Successful Ad Launches:

Following the launch of our social media ads, we have been thrilled to receive positive

feedback from our valued customers. This encouraging response has fueled our

determination to explore additional advertising initiatives and continuously refine our

strategies. With a focus on enhancing brand awareness and driving online sales growth,

we are proud to share that our social media following has increased by an

impressive 18%, with 1500 + followers reflecting the expanding reach and engagement

with our audience.

Our brand has also garnered interest from other businesses seeking event sponsorships

to increase local brand awareness. By leveraging these opportunities, we can expedite

our entry into brick-and-mortar retail, leading to accelerated revenue growth and a wider

consumer reach. This strategic approach allows us to establish valuable partnerships and

establish a stronger presence in local communities, positioning us for continued success

in the market.

Awards & Recognition:

Jivati achieved recognition as one of the top 10 best innovators in the Ready to Drink

(RTD) Cocktails category during the BevNet Convention.

Product/Revenue Growth:

We are thrilled to announce the success of our pilot year, exemplified by the swift

placement of our product in esteemed retailers such as Total Wine & More, 7-Eleven, and

various liquor stores within a week of production. This achievement underscores the

strong demand for our products. As we deepen our understanding of our customers, we

are actively collaborating with select retailers and distributors to effectively reach our

target audience, with a particular focus on the Indian community, which will be a key

driver of our brand’s growth.

We are excited to share that our orders have tripled in the first six months of 2023

compared to the last six months of 2022. This substantial growth was achieved during our

pilot year, demonstrating steady progress despite limited resources. We anticipate

exponential growth ahead with the introduction of new initiatives and strategies. As we

expand our reach within the Indian community, our revenue is set to continue its upward

trajectory while expenses decrease as we scale up our operations.

Upcoming Initiatives

Looking forward, we are excited to take Jivati to the next level. Here are our key upcoming


Product Enhancements:

In our pursuit of continuous improvement, we are enhancing our cans by eliminating

plastic sleeve packaging and transitioning to digitally printed artwork directly on the cans.

This innovative approach results in a visually appealing product and aligns with our

commitment to environmental sustainability. The approved new prototypes will be

integrated into the upcoming production run.

Partnership Opportunities:

We are actively pursuing strategic alliances with prominent industry players to diversify

our service offerings. We are in talks with the NBA – G League, specifically the LA

Clippers, who have expressed interest in having us as an innovative brand sponsor for the

upcoming 2024 season. This collaboration offers an incredible chance to boost brand

visibility and expand our presence in the sports arena while also penetrating the wider

beverage market. It allows us to reach a larger target audience beyond the Indian

community, enabling us to introduce our brand to diverse demographics.

Furthermore, we are excited about the prospect of sponsoring IndoWarehouse, a rising

Indian music entertainment group with a strong presence within the Indian community.

Their remarkable talent has propelled them to new heights of domestic and international

fame, presenting an excellent opportunity to engage with our primary target audience.

Aligning with IndoWarehouse will boost brand awareness and foster engagement within

our dedicated target audience.

By forging these partnerships, we aim to cultivate greater brand recognition, expand our

reach across different sectors, and create meaningful connections with diverse audiences.

We are confident that these strategic alliances will propel our business to new levels of

success and establish us as a prominent player in both the sports and music industries.

Operational Efficiency:

As we broaden our distribution network, we can collaborate with local vendors who can

enhance our operations and reduce operating expenses. Presently, our operations in

California are streamlined for the West Coast, but we aim to achieve efficiency in the

Midwest and East Coast as well, maximizing our reach and cost-effectiveness.

Thank you for your ongoing support and belief in Jivati. We are excited about the future

and hope you will continue to join us on this journey. We’re more than happy to discuss

our plans, projections, and how your investment can play a crucial role in the growth of


Please feel free to contact us at with any queries or for further details about this investment

opportunity. We look forward to discussing this with you.

Best Regards,

DevRaj Patel

CEO, Jivati